St. Joseph the Worker Catholic School

Beal City, MI
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For over a century, St. Joseph the Worker School continues its long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality Catholic education to its students. Catholic schools help students develop a strong foundation by teaching morals, virtues, and values that support the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Our students represent Christian behavior in the greater community by daily living the example of Jesus Christ.

St. Joseph the Worker is a kindergarten through sixth-grade Catholic school, and our students are able to practice their faith in a safe and loving academic environment. We offer small class sizes and affordable tuition due to the generous support of our parish community. The well-rounded curriculum offers rigorous academics, service learning, technology and the arts. High academic achievement by our students is evidenced by their success once they move to the public school for the remainder of their middle school and high school education. Many of our students continue their education to achieve degrees from higher learning institutions.

We recognize the significant trends impacting our lives which challenge educational values as well as our definition of what it means to be Catholic. With ever-changing societal values, the availability of a solid, affordable Catholic education is more important than ever. We must continue to provide our young students with the tools and direction they need to grow amid these challenges.

The best way to learn about our school is to experience our offerings firsthand. Schedule a time to tour our school and see what makes St. Joseph the Worker Catholic School special!

Dennis Lorenz 

Dennis Lorenz

Mission Statement  

St. Joseph the Worker Roman Catholic Parish and School encourages its members to live fully the message of Jesus Christ.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit through faith, love, sacraments, and service, our parish family will be a community of lifelong achievers and a center for academic excellence. 


St. Joseph the Worker Catholic School believes. . .

  • in partnership with parents; we are committed to unlocking the full potential of each individual student, to develop confident and independent learners. 
  • we respect the dignity of the individual person and are sensitive to the needs of our diverse community, welcoming all, we journey together with Christ, celebrating God’s love in our lives.
  • we promote a safe, caring, supportive learning environment, addressing the needs of the whole child, in cooperation with families and communities.
  • faith formation is a continuous collaboration between the school, family and parish community.
  • our Catholic school plays a critical role in promoting Gospel values, social justice, environmental responsibility, human solidarity and the common good.
  • teaching and learning should be rooted in research and evidence, aware that the 21st-century fluencies of digital literacy, creativity, innovation and collaboration are essential.
  • we provide an affordable opportunity for an excellent Catholic education 


In addition to our standard academic classes, our students also experience music, art, technology and library classes on-site, along with physical education and sixth-grade band at Beal City Public Schools. Special education services are also available.


1/12 Teacher Student Ratio
Technology to student ratio
Founded in 1883
Bus transportation and school liaison officer provided by Beal City Public School
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2091 N. Winn Road
Beal City, MI 48858
United States