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Since 1947, St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School has been dedicated to academic excellence and the traditions of the Catholic faith.

Our students have the opportunity to grow in knowledge, faith, and leadership through engagement with each other and within the wider community. Our alumni can attest that the skills and experiences gained during their time at St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School prepare them for continued academic rigors and inspire them to continue to serve the communities in which they live.

Our dedicated staff, diversified instruction, small class sizes, and 1:1 technology ratio work together to create an environment that nurtures the educational needs of each child. 

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Gabbie Marguery, Principal
St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School

Gabbie Marguery

Mission Statement

At St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School, the staff, parents, and community work together to offer students a safe, supportive, and nurturing Catholic environment. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to Gospel values, discipleship, and academic excellence.

Our Educational Philosophy

Recognizing that parents are the first and primary educators of their children, St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School assists them in their role by providing an excellent education rooted in Gospel values. We work with parents and the parish community to develop students who know, live, share, and celebrate the values, beliefs, traditions, and practices of the Catholic church. This includes knowledge and appreciation of the scriptures, liturgy, prayer, and the necessity of involvement in the evangelizing mission of the church through service in the parish and the wider community.

We instill in students the desire to live a life in Christ, making moral decisions according to Christian values. We inculcate respect for and appreciation of each individual person, regardless of cultural, ethnic, or economic status. We strive to maintain a joyous environment that promotes love, understanding, acceptance, and respect for oneself and others.

Through the guidance and example of the faculty, administration, parents, and community, the emphasis of the school’s program is on quality education of the whole child, centered on Catholic values, for the development of lifelong learners who will be able to live productively in a constantly-changing world.

Co-Curricular Classes (Specials)

Through shared-time collaboration, students at St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School can enjoy an expanded curriculum beyond required core subjects. Our students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade participate in additional co-curricular classes (specials) such as Spanish, Computers/Technology, Music, Art, and Gym. Students in the upper grades may elect to participate in band class, choosing from provided instruments such as the flute, clarinet, trumpet, alto saxophone, and percussion.

Extracurricular Activities

Community Service

Students at St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School have opportunities throughout the year to practice the principles of Catholic social teachings and Works of Mercy through service in the community. They are involved in service projects such as food drives; visits to local nursing homes; volunteer hours at missions and food pantries; collection of items such as socks, food, pajamas; and more. Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas for service projects to further encourage their growth in faith.

National Junior Honor Society/National Elementary Honor Society

Students are eligible for induction into the National Elementary Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above, as well as by demonstrating the Society’s characteristics of responsibility, honesty, reliability, cooperation, and courtesy. Students in fifth and sixth grades are invited to apply for induction into the National Elementary Honor Society; students in seventh and eighth grades may apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.

Student Council

Student Council elections are held each fall, with representative members from each class as well as officers (chosen from students in fifth through eighth grades). Student Council members oversee charitable projects and community service activities and are instrumental in the planning of Spirit Weeks, pep rallies, and special activities on holidays.

Field Trips

At St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School, we believe that students learn best in a variety of settings. First-hand experiences provide students with the opportunity to learn about the world outside the classroom, and to apply what they’ve learned in an entirely new way. Each field trip is carefully planned in conjunction with the class curriculum and is designed to engage students, pique curiosity, and feed a sense of wonder.

Third- and fourth-grade students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of Michigan history and traditions through an immersive trip to Mackinaw City and Island. Fifth- and sixth-grade students experience the beauty of nature and science at Hartley Outdoor Education Center. Seventh- and eighth-grade students cap their time learning about American history with a trip to Washington, D.C.


Through our shared-time program, students in junior high have the opportunity to add band as an elective, practicing their musical skills not only in the classroom but in performances held several times each year alongside students from Reese Public Schools.


Founded in 1947
Small class sizes
1:1 technology-to-student ratio
Highly qualified and committed teachers and staff
Affordable tuition
$9000+ Scholarships available

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