Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School

Harbor Beach, MI
Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School, 413 1st St., Harbor Beach, Michigan, Catholic education, catholic schools, school

Located on the eastern side of Michigan's Thumb, Our Lady of Lake Huron is the only Catholic School in Huron County. 

As parents and educators, the Lord has entrusted us with the care of his children – our students.  At Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School, we are dedicated to the task of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our students, working with parents to develop students who know the values, beliefs, traditions and practices of the Catholic Church, including knowledge and appreciation of the Scriptures, Liturgy, prayer and the necessity of involvement in the parish and the wider community.  

We also strive to work together to instill in students the desire to live in a moral way and make moral decisions according to Christian values, and instill respect for and appreciation of each individual person, regardless of cultural, ethnicity, or economic status.  In addition, we work to maintain an environment that promotes love, understanding, acceptance, and respect for oneself and others.

At Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School, your child will receive a quality education. Through the guidance and example of the faculty, administration, and parents we work together to create lifelong learners who live productively in a constantly changing world with strong Catholic values.

To keep a Catholic education within the means of as many families as possible, we have made every attempt to keep tuition expenses to a minimum.  We believe that tuition payments are an investment in your child’s education as well as religious formation. The school is also serviced by Harbor Beach Community School buses as well as the Thumb Area Transit (TAT) buses to any residents of Huron County. Scholarships are available to families outside of the Harbor Beach School District to help cover the cost of the TAT bus. Our location places us within walking distance to many of the local treasures in Harbor Beach including the Community House and numerous parks. 

We invite you to visit our school and see what a difference a Catholic education can make in your child's life. Please contact us with any questions or to set up a tour at (989) 479-3427. 

Britt Mattys


Rooted in our Catholic faith, Our Lady of Lake Huron School nurtures character through service, promotes academic excellence, and develops Christ-centered virtues.


Beliefs Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School:

● Provides a safe, loving, family atmosphere for students to learn.
● Encourages students to strengthen their relationship with God.
● Maintains high standards academically and behaviorally.
● A prayer community that promotes kindness, helpfulness, and honesty.
● Develops in students a sense of right and wrong per our Catholic beliefs.
● Actively strives for continuous improvement.

Faith and Academics

Our Lady of Lake Huron Catholic School has been producing successful Christians, leaders and community members since 1928! We offer small classroom sizes, academic excellence, a family atmosphere and Christ-centered virtues for students from PreK4 and Young 5's through 8th grade and their families. Consider a Catholic education for your child. Call us at  (989) 479-3427 to enroll today. 


Small class size
Christ-centered virtues
Scholarships available
Excellent academics

413 1st St.
Harbor Beach, MI 48441
United States