Financial Assistance

Our mission as Catholic schools is to ensure that any family who seeks a Catholic education for their child has that opportunity. We recognize that tuition can be a barrier for families. The Diocese of Saginaw, the Office of Catholic Schools, our parishes, and our schools are committed to reducing these obstacles.   

Every student enrolled in one of our Catholic schools receives some form of tuition reduction/assistance. While the cost to educate a student in the diocese is approximately $6,500 for kindergarten through eighth grade and $11,000 for high school, no family pays that cost. Thanks to the generosity of participating parishes, the tuition families pay is often much lower.  

Each of our Catholic schools offers some level of tuition assistance and/or scholarships. Specific programs vary by school. Many schools offer a combination of scholarships, income-based assistance and opportunities to earn tuition credit. The timeline for awarding scholarships and financial aid often begins in the late winter/early spring, on a first-come first-served basis.   

The investment in Catholic education is an investment in the spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth of your child. Contact any of our schools to learn more about the impact of a Catholic education, as well as the financial assistance available.   

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