CCFMM wraps up 2022 with nearly $500,000 in disbursements for Catholic education


By Mary Beth Looby and Joan Ramm

This has been a blessed and busy year for the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan (CCFMM). The CCFMM distributed more than $900,000 during the past year with almost half of the funds earmarked for Catholic education in the Diocese of Saginaw. Cormac Lynn, superintendent of schools, said the funds impact virtually every aspect of the schools’ operations. The St. Joseph Giving Society is continuing their mission of gifting each sixth-grade student with a Bible to use in class and to keep for a lifetime of faith.

“From helping to fund unique faith-based formation opportunities, professional development for our staff and faculty, financial aid for families seeking a Catholic education to new playground equipment, it is likely that anything you can put your finger on in our schools has been made possible directly or indirectly as a result of CCFMM endowments,” he said.  

Other Foundation disbursements benefitted Catholic agencies and organizations, religious education programs, the Saginaw Diocese and parishes.

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