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"Transforming our communities into centers of faith, hope and charity by providing excellent Catholic school education."

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Saginaw are vital learning communities serving more than 2,000 students across the diocese in pre-K through 12th grade. Centered in Christ and committed to excellence, the highly qualified faculty and staff at our schools instill the teachings of Jesus Christ into every core subject and extracurricular activity. Our schools are dedicated to addressing students' spiritual and academic needs. With outstanding graduation rates and excellent test scores, we offer first-rate academics in a respectful and compassionate atmosphere, where academic achievement, leadership, and spiritual growth are valued at all grade levels.

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Our Catholic Schools: Centered in Christ, Committed to Excellence

As a parent, finding the right school for your young child, middle-schooler or high school student can be challenging. High test scores, caring teachers and a strong curriculum all are important factors in choosing a school. But a Catholic school education offers something more—an emphasis on moral and spiritual growth, as well as academic achievement. Centered in Christ and committed to academic excellence, each of our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Saginaw will nurture your child’s academic success while partnering with you to foster faithful followers of Christ.

In addition, our schools also strive to provide a safe, disciplined and focused environment where students are taught to be respectful and compassionate, and learn to live their life as servant leaders in their communities. At the heart of our mission, we are called to provide great formation and value to families that sacrifice to send their children to Catholic schools.

See what a difference a Catholic school can make in your child’s life. Learn more about our 12 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Saginaw, find a school that fits your criteria, and prayerfully consider enrolling your child. We welcome you!



Most Reverend Robert Gruss
Bishop of Saginaw
Cormac Lynn

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Choosing a Catholic school means your child will experience...

An education rooted in Catholic teachings and traditions.

A rigorous academic curriculum that nurtures college and career readiness.

A supportive, engaging, and welcoming community.


Founded in 1868, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Saginaw are dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience focused on spiritual and academic growth. With a rigorous curriculum and high learning standards, it is no surprise that our average student exceeds the national average on standardized testing at all grade levels. In addition, 100% of our high school graduates pursue higher education, military or skilled trades paths.   

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